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Wildlands Network

This week, our guest speaker is Nikki Robinson from Wildland Network.

Wildlands Network is a nonprofit creating a continental movement to protect nature. They work to prevent biodiversity loss and promote climate change resilience through science-based research and innovative policy.

Nikki manages conservation projects, coalitions, and initiatives Wildlands Network is pursuing in North Carolina.

She has worked with land trusts and other natural resources agencies to solve complex issues and discover solutions for nature by fostering collaboration and community support. As a science communicator and educator, her career spans diverse ecosystems from the Florida Keys to the Rocky Mountains and the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Nikki earned her master's degree in plant biology at the University of Vermont in the Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning Program. She holds a Bachelor of Science in the environment and natural resources from Clemson University, concentrating on conservation biology.


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