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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

According to Project Drawdown, large-scale adoption of Plant-rich Diets is the SECOND most effective climate solution to keep the global temperature rise to below 2˚C by 2100! A global shift to a diet rich in plant sources and fewer in animal products is crucial in tackling the climate emergency.

Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group’s Plant-Rich Diet Task Force encourages communities to eat more plant foods – whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and fewer animal products – meat, dairy, eggs, fish and seafood. Talks, workshops, and challenges are regularly organized to spread awareness about the massive environmental and health benefits of plant-rich diets, as well as guidance and support for how to adopt them.

OUR GOAL: To help communities understand that their individual and

collective dietary choices have the power to dramatically reduce global

heating, large-scale deforestation, species extinction, water depletion, water

pollution, ocean dead zones, and soil degradation, all encapsulated into one

solution: A Plant-Rich Diet. It’s delicious too.


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