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Conserving Carolina

This week, our guest speakers are Community Engagement Manager Ericka L.Berg and Delia Jovel Dubon from Conserving Carolina.

Conserving Carolina mission is to protect, restore, and inspire appreciation of the natural world.

The title of the presentation is: "Las Flores: A intentional outdoor space for Hispanic Community members."

Ericka is a Polk County native and left WNC for the bourbon-filled Kentucky foothills to attend Berea College. After graduating, she took a winding path home to pursue her love for the outdoors, recreation, and service. From 2015-2016, Ericka served in AmeriCorps Project Conserve at Conserving Carolina. She currently serves as Community Engagement Manager overseeing the volunteer program and community engagement and education initiatives and working in fundraising and development.

Delia is from El Salvador. Since she was young, she has been attracted to social justice principles, service, and supporting others. Delia studied Journalism and Political Science and has a professional background focused on social science, community development, and nonprofit organizations. Delia has lived in the United States since 2014 and has been working on topics related to education, Hispanic Immigrants Rights, and community organizing. Her dream is to create opportunities to empower immigrant communities, resilience, and freedom of all forms of discrimination, oppression, and internalized racism. Delia has always had a love and connection to land and nature. As an immigrant, farming has become a way to regain her roots and ancestors and recover both personal and community power.


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