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current officers

Philip Coats, President

Garst Reese, President-Elect

Lynne Porter, Community Service Chair

Garst Reese, Membership Chair

Ann Demeranville, Sergeant-at-Arms

Ted Hill, Treasurer

Erwin Hani, Secretary

Jennifer Bauer, Club Inspiration Chair

Rosanna Kingston, Club Program Chair

Kevin Mahoney, Club Fellowship Chair

Phil Kelley, Club Fellowship Chair

founding officers

Brent Allison
Ed Fiantaca
Barry Kampe
Phil Kelley

Martin Lewis
Jim Paschal
Mark Upright
Frank Warren

Rotary Club of Asheville South was founded in spring 2008 and was officially chartered on March 17, 2009

past presidents

Kevin Mahoney, 2022

Jennifer Armstrong, 2021

Tom Redder, 2020-2021

Jennifer Bauer, 2019-2020

Lynne Porter, 2018-2019

Gaia Goldman, 2017-2018

John Sinnott, 2016-2017

Jon Clemmons, 2015-2016

Bill Schreck, 2014-2015

Gary Gallagher, 2013-2014

Mary Michael, 2012-2013

Kevin Mahoney, 2011-2012

Charise Gantt, 2010-2011

Bob Duffy, 2009-2010

Brent Allison,2009

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