Welcome, Rotary Club of Asheville South members!

Here is a FAQ with some information that may be helpful to you. Please email if you notice any broken links.

How can I view my online profile and find contact information for any other Rotarian in our region?
Visit the DaCdb (District and Club Database) that is available to all District 7670 Clubs and Members. You can obtain contact information for Rotarians at dozens of clubs in our WNC district, upload your current contact information and photo, identify officers at other clubs, and see when and where all of the region’s clubs meet. If you have trouble logging in, email our club’s leadership for user and password information.
How do I sign up for the club's Google Groups email list?
Please send a request to webmaster@southashevillerotary.org.
How do I use the club email list to send everyone a message?
  • To post to the group, send an email to rotaryavlsouth@googlegroups.com. (This only works if you are currently a member of the group.)
  • To reply only to the sender of a group email, simply hit the “reply” button on your email.
How do I change my club email list settings?
What are the web addresses for Rotary International and District 7670?
How do I find other clubs and their meeting times?
Use the online Club Finder. There’s even an app for that. You can also use the DaCdb for links to information on all of our region’s clubs.
Where do I send my dues?
Rotary Club of Asheville South
PO Box 2214
Skyland, NC  28776